PLANUNG BAU INBETRIEBNAHME von elektrischen Industrieanlagen GmbH



Company profile

PBI is a worldwide provider of engineering solutions for the material handling industries. The company was founded in 1988 by former employees of PWH in Cologne/Germany. They are the bearer of the huge PWH know how.


PBI supplies turnkey electrical systems including:

  • engineering
  • delivery of all parts
  • commissioning of the system
  • staff training in fields

Fields of activity

PBI provides services and solutions in several fields of automation engineering such as

  • control techniques
  • communication technology
  • visualization/diagnostic

The automation of huge and complex material handling machinery requires a high degree of competence in the all relevant areas. Our highly qualified and motivated staff and our many years of experience give us this competence.
Thus we have executed semi and full automation projects on various types of plants including:

  • all different types of cranes,
  • ship loader and ship unloader,
  • scraper,
  • stacker,
  • ropeway,
  • stacker-reclaimer,
  • high-bay warehouse,
  • power & free systems,
  • coal handling plants,
  • internal conveying and handling systems for heavy industries,
  • a. s. o.

In the area of electrical equipment, we are not tied to any particular manufacturer. This puts us in the position of being able to offer our customers optimum solutions in respect of technical and economic benefit and system effectiveness.

Our knowledge - your advantage

In total we achieve from the above for the benefit of our customers:

  • a very high degree of quality
  • reliability in respect of deliveries and due-dates
  • long service lives

The proof for the above is provided by our satisfied and loyal customers.